Special machine

CMI completes your operator station with a special machine adapted to your needs. CMI integrates robotic islands, assembly systems and customised industrial cabling: 

Special machine

Made to measure

With 18 years of experience in designing ergonomic and automated workstations, CMI's design office puts its know-how at your service. We design special machines, implement industrial systems, and carry out industrial cabling to optimise your productivity and promote the well-being of your workforce.

Laser marking machine

Industrial systems

Industrial cabling

Industrial cabling

Expertise in special machine design

Special machine design

CMI's Research Unit is specialised in engineering and design. Ergonomics, aesthetics and the durability of your means of production are at the heart of our research. 

With our in-depth knowledge of the industrial field, we create Keyshot renderings of your products, develop high-performance robot islands, machine vision systems for meticulous quality control, sophisticated electrical diagrams... all this know-how is used to develop your customised production machine. 

This special machine will enable you to meet your automation needs in manufacturing, assembly, testing, packaging or packing for shipment.

For more information, please contact CMI so that we can carry out your project according to your requirements, the specificities of your company and your sector of activity. 

Would you like to optimise your productivity with a special machine?

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