Automated workstation

Because man only has two hands, we equip your automated workstation with technologies to optimise your cycle time and the quality of your production. In particular, we integrate a customised control system into your operator station.

Automated station

Workstation design

CMI puts their expertise in designing automated workstations at your service. We equip your operator station with customised materials, accessories and equipment, according to your wishes and the specificities of the station they complement.
We combine ergonomics, functionality, efficiency, aesthetics and durability in the design of each workstation to improve your productivity.





Identification system


Strengths of the automated workstation

Advantages of the automated workstation

The productivity and output of your teams increases exponentially with the implementation of customised automated workstations in your company.
Your workforce works faster and more efficiently with the support of their machine, which automates repetitive movements and ensures greater quality control with the machine vision system. 

Therefore, increase your cycle time, multiply your productivity and reduce the risk of MSDs in your working environment by promoting the well-being of your team with customised automated workstations.

CMI's specialists offer companies 18 years of expertise in the design and engineering of automated workstations to support your growth and meet your productivity needs.

Do you need an automated workstation? CMI is at your service.

CMI workstation