Manual workstation

Because a workstation is more than just a workbench, we design customised workstations according to your requirements:

Ergonomics at work

Workstation design

CMI puts its expertise in designing ergonomic workstations at your service. You participate in the development of your customised production tool by choosing the materials, accessories and equipment that best correspond to your needs and according to the specificities of the workstation that these materials, accessories and equipment complement.
We combine aesthetics, ergonomics, functionality, efficiency and durability in the realisation of each means of production to improve your productivity.





Identification system



Well-being at work

Thanks to your future ergonomic workstation, you can feel good at work again! A workstation that is adapted to your needs and your mission allows you to reduce the risk of pain due to musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) by 90%.
As a result, you will work in a healthy, safe and efficient environment. 

In fact, ergonomics at work boosts productivity because the efficiency of the workforce is correlated with the optimisation of production tools, among other things. Don't be surprised if your company's productivity increases by 20% thanks to the implementation of customised ergonomic workstations designed by CMI!

On a daily basis, CMI's specialists put their 18 years of expertise in the design and engineering of ergonomic workstations at your service to meet the needs of companies. 

Do you need a manual workstation? CMI is at your service.

CMI workstation