Customized ergonomic industrial workstation

The benefits of the industrial workstation

Operators join their company every week to produce, so the work environment is a place where they spend some time. In order to work in good conditions, theergonomic design of the space with customized industrial workstations is essential.

Indeed, whether manual or automated, the custom industrial workstation can allow the workforce to dispose of its tools in optimized and easily accessible storage areas and to benefit from a means of production adapted to the human body and to the requirements of its mission in order to reduce the risks related to musculoskeletal disorders.

The customized industrial workstation guarantees improved working conditions, increases productivity, and benefits both the company and its workforce.

What types of industrial workstations?

Automated industrial workstation

To support the economic growth of companies and contribute to the well-being of its workforce, CMI has been designing custom industrial workstations for over 18 years in France and abroad.

As part of an ergonomic design process, CMI analyzes your company's needs and the constraints of your production in order to develop an ergonomic industrial workstation: adjustable height, integrated tool supports, personalized storage spaces... Thanks to the manual industrial workstation that combines functionality, efficiency, aesthetics and durability, your operator will be able to work in good conditions to gain in productivity.

Theergonomic design of the work environment allows you to work better and therefore feel good, and to be more efficient and therefore faster.

The custom-built automated industrial workstation is a perfect complement to the professional environment, since it reduces cycle time by executing repetitive movements at a fast pace, for example, and reduces the risk of errors thanks to the integration of a machine vision control system.
The human workforce and the machine thus work hand in hand.

The ergonomic industrial workstation for the well-being of employees

Customized industrial workstation

The implementation of a custom-made ergonomic workstation in the company promotes the operator's well-being. By taking advantage of technology, repetitive handling acts can be entrusted to a machine to reduce the risk of the workforce suffering from severe musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). This would ultimately be very costly for the company, as it would lose massive amounts of productivity and could be more prone to employee absenteeism.

When the industrial workstation is in line with the employee's mission, operating mode and production constraints, it becomes a performance driver. Work is thus synonymous with fulfillment.

Indeed, employees who feel good in their professional environment, because they benefit from optimal working conditions, will be more inclined to produce more in terms of quantity and speed, and better in terms of quality.

CMI plays an important role in the ergonomic design of your company's industrial workstations, combining comfort, safety and productivity.

The custom-made ergonomic industrial workstation, a productivity driver

Customized industrial workstations for productivity

To boost productivity within a company, the custom industrial workstation provides a great production tool for the operator. There must be a certain balance between the resources used to achieve production and the volume of that production for the company to be profitable.

The integration of an ergonomic industrial workstation improves the performance of the operator by boosting his efficiency. The workforce can therefore produce more in less time, without losing quality and without burning out on the task.

The custom industrial workstation is therefore a good investment that pays off for the company.

The production tools are integrated into the industrial workstation to facilitate the daily work of the workforce.

To choose the materials, dimensions, tools and tool supports to be integrated, the tracking system or the control accessories... the CMI design office listens to the needs of companies according to their sector of activity in order to design from A to Z the industrial workstation that will meet their expectations.

The custom-made industrial workstation, a gain for all

Customized industrial workstation for collective gain

If it is true that the custom-made industrial workstation is beneficial for the employees, it is also beneficial for the company thanks to theincrease in productivity to which it contributes.  

In addition, by taking into account the specific needs of the workforce, the company improves the well-being of its employees and its performance through the integration of ergonomic industrial workstations.

In fact, the drudgery at work is decreasing day by day, because the custom-made ergonomic industrial workstation reduces the risks of MSD and other injuries by providing support, which can even go as far as automating repetitive gestures. In addition, the custom industrial workstation allows the operator to gain time and efficiency in the execution of his daily tasks, unlike a standard workstation that is not adapted to the production constraints of his company.

By investing in CMI's custom-designed industrial workstations, the company will contribute to the exponential increase of its production and to the realization of a growing turnover, thanks to thesustainable improvement of the working conditions of its workforce.

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