CMI designs an aesthetic and ergonomic customised workstation to improve your daily well-being, optimise your quality control and boost your productivity.

Your customised workstation

In a production workshop, all operator workstations are standard and are not adapted to your specific needs. We equip your ergonomic workstations with electrically adjustable feet, allowing each operator toadapt his working environment to his morphology. We integrate all the ergonomic elements that facilitate your daily work.
The well-being of an operator in his production environment is essential, it makes him 30% more efficient.
Workstation ergonomics are a factor in productivity!

Manual workstation

We create your customised operator workstations by selecting the right materials with you, optimising the ergonomics and the positioning of your tools.

Automated workstation

Automated workstation

Because a man only has two hands, we equip your workstations with technologies that allow you to optimise your cycle times and the quality of your production.

Workstation tailored to your needs

Specialists in the creation of custom ergonomic workstations, we create your manual or automated workstation according to your production needs and adapted to your work methods. We optimise the design and ergonomics of your workstation by including materials, equipment and storage space to maximise the cycle time of your workforce and increase the quality of your production. We set up equipment and storage so that all the production tools you need are within easy reach. 

Thanks to the expertise of our design and engineering department, we can offer you a tailor-made workstation that fits harmoniously and efficiently into your working environment. What's more, your new, optimised layout will save you up to 50% of space in your company!

Ergonomics at work
Special machine design

Ergonomic workstation for collective gain

We spend a lot of time sitting at our workstations. This still recent way of working seems harmless, but it can lead to musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and other pains. In order to work in good conditions and therefore to be efficient, it is important that your operator station has good ergonomics. The aim is to have a well-organised workspace that limits the risk of injury.

We help you to rethink the work environment to optimise the performance of your employees and encourage their development.
To increase the well-being of your workforce at work, CMI designs your custom workstation. Ergonomic workstations can reduce the risk of MSDs by up to 90%. The design of offices and the working environment with ergonomic workstations is indeed a gain for everyone!

Are you looking for a customised manual or automated workstation?

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