Industrial systems

Customised industrial systems

CMI develops robotic islands to optimise your productivity by automating repetitive tasks and reducing the need for human handling of heavy loads. We also set up assembly systems adapted to your working environment. Below are some non-exhaustive examples of what we can offer you in terms of robotic systems and assembly systems to improve your cycle time, progressively reduce the risk of MSDs and promote the economic growth of your company.

Robotic island

Integration of robots for the automation of your processes.

CMI robotic island

Picking robot

No matter what your load requirements are, or how fast you need to work, we have the optimum solution for you.

Robot picking

Product control

We integrate powerful and innovative control systems to guarantee the best performance.

Product control

Laser marking

Integration of marking systems, laser or inkjet, on line or on a stand-alone island with machine vision control.

Laser marking

Automated system

We design your production systems according to your specifications, in order to meet your needs and to offer you a unique and efficient machine.

Automated system

Do you need an automated industrial system? CMI is at your service.

CMI workstation